Natures Way Foods installs waste removal systems from SEEPEX

Natures Way Foods installed several SEEPEX progressive cavity pump systems to remove all process waste in hygienic enclosed pipework. SEEPEX pumps have a low energy requirement compared to vacuum or blown systems and do not need any added water to remove waste products.

Open hopper pumps with integral knives and level controls have been installed in line with automated peelers; these chop the waste before pumping it in enclosed pipework to a dewatering unit outside the factory. These pumps have replaced horizontal grinders sited over wide throat pumps which suffered from bridging issues.

For more challenging products such as mango stones, grape vines, and hand peeled waste collected in tote bins, a system was developed incorporating an auger feed screw to a vertical grinder and pump combination. This equipment renders the stones and pulp into a pumpable slurry. Finally, a large pump with bridge breaker and integral knives provides additional capacity for hand-peeled fruit waste.