Neles acquires Flowrox's valve and pump businesses

Olli Isotalo, president and CEO of Neles.
Olli Isotalo, president and CEO of Neles.

Finlamnd's Neles Corp has completed its acquisition of Flowrox’s valve and pump businesses.

“Diversification of our customer industries is a key component of Neles’ strategy," said Olli Isotalo, president and CEO of Neles. "Flowrox is a well-known niche player in flow control within mining and metals, and it has the right offering and very strong competence and know-how. This acquisition will enable Neles to better leverage the attractive growth opportunities in minerals processing.”

“We are delighted to welcome 110 industry professionals to Neles. With our expanded offering, a wide service network, and industry-leading knowledge in mining, metals and slurry applications, we can make a difference in our customers’ sustainable productivity targets,” said Esa Lumme, head of Neles’s Mining and Metals business.

The acquisition includes customer agreements and the Flowrox trademark, which will be transferred to Neles.

Flowrox’s dewatering, industrial automation and environmental technologies, including filtration, continue under the Roxia name and brand.

Roxia is a family-owned global company headquartered in Finland, with subsidiaries in Australia, Chile, China, Finland, Germany, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, and the United States.

“In recent years, our operations have expanded in many areas through product development and acquisitions. It was time to focus. This business transaction enables us to advance the remaining businesses to the next level,” said Jukka Koskela, president and CEO of Roxia.