Netzsch pumps deliver safe conveyance of emulsion explosives

The company has extensively reworked its NEMO SY progressing cavity pump to implement design changes and procedures for safe conveyance of this variety of explosives. Emulsion explosives and mixes, such as ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil), make it possible to store the individual components of explosive material separately. This eliminates much of the risk, difficulty, and expense of storing and transporting live explosives on construction sites. Instead, explosive is not mixed until it is on site, as soon as it is needed. Netzsch NEMO SY pumps provide pressure-stable conveyance without any pulsation or shear forces, critical to the safe transport of explosive materials. The technology also allows for the transport of filled materials, such as emulsion already sensitized with hollow microspheres. The pump can also be fitted with a safety stator, which has grooved walls to reduce strength so the stator can open in a more controlled way if the pressure increases too much. The pumps are specially designed for explosive material conveyance with two inspection openings above the joints of the coupling rod. These openings make it possible for operators to check joint lubrication and seal integrity while the pump is in operation to avoid dangerous heat generation from metal-on-metal friction.