New corporate name for Hayward Gordon and Ebara Pumps Canada

Hayward Gordon ULC and Ebara Pumps Canada Corporation are amalgamating to form Ebara HG ULC effective 30 June 2024.

Image © lucadp - Adobe Stock.

Additionally, Scott Turbon Mixer Inc is changing its name to Ebara Mixers Inc.

Ebara HG ULC, registered in Canada, will offer the Hayward Gordon brand of pumps and mixers, Sharpe Mixers (V-series), and Ebara Pumps Canada's standard pumps. Ebara Mixers Inc, registered in the USA, will provide sanitary mixers under the Scott Mixers brand (formerly known as Scott Turbon Mixer) and industrial and portable mixers under the Sharpe Mixers brand. The Ebara, Hayward Gordon, Sharpe Mixers, and Scott Mixers brands will continue to be actively promoted.

Japan’s Ebara Corporation acquired Hayward Gordon in 2022.

“We are excited to join forces with Ebara Pumps Canada Corporation to create Ebara HG ULC,” said Yusuke Nagatani, president and CEO of Ebara HG ULC. “Our combined capabilities and resources will enable us to leverage our comprehensive expertise to provide greater value to our customers. Additionally, our new company name for our mixers business, Ebara Mixers Inc, will enable greater recognition of our mixers brand globally under the Ebara Group umbrella.”

Brahim Arnout, chief operating officer of Ebara HG ULC and former president of Ebara Pumps Canada, added: "This merger marks the beginning of a new chapter of enhanced cooperation. As Ebara HG ULC, we will be strategically positioned to innovate and lead in the industrial pumps and mixers market.”

Ebara HG ULC operates two manufacturing facilities in Canada, Halton Hills, Ontario, and Aurora, Ontario.