New from Bega: Easy mounting and dismounting with powerful portable multi-purpose induction heater

Bega Special Tools has introduced the MF Quick-Heater 3.0-3.5 kW, a portable, versatile induction heater in the North American market.

Dismounting a bushing from a pump used in the dredging industry
Dismounting a bushing from a pump used in the dredging industry

Weighing less than 8 kg and easily fitting into a small carrying case, it's a user-friendly, powerful tool that operates with a simple plug into a 230 V outlet. This device is suitable for challenging conditions where other systems may be impractical, such as limited workspace or strict no-open-fire regulations. Its adaptable inductors are ideal for various parts with a maximum diameter of 120 mm, finding applications in numerous industries.

The MF Quick-Heater 3.5 kW is part of the MF Quick-Heater 3.0 series, offering a solution for dismounting, mounting, and pre-heating tasks. Richard Imbro, National Sales Manager for Bega in the USA, emphasizes its suitability for smaller to midsize workshops in North America due to its 230 V compatibility, making it an attractive choice compared to high-voltage alternatives.

This heater pairs a compact generator with a flexible inductor that can wrap around or within a workpiece, providing a versatile solution for various shapes and sizes. It can heat parts to a maximum temperature of 180 °C (356 °F) rapidly or with precise control, featuring four heating modes and Delta-T function for temperature monitoring. The operation is displayed on a 4.3-inch touchscreen, and data can be saved or exported via USB connection.

Induction heating is highlighted as an efficient and eco-friendly method, with numerous advantages such as controlled, fast, and energy-efficient heating, improved work quality, reduced downtime, and enhanced safety due to the absence of open flames or hazardous methods.

Recent applications include the dismounting of components in the dredging, yacht, and rail industries, showcasing the heater's effectiveness in various scenarios.

The MF Quick-Heater kit includes one MF 3.0-3.5 kW generator, two magnetic temperature sensors, and optional inductor lengths of 5 m, 7.5 m, or 10 m, along with a pair of heat-resistant gloves.