New line of low cost flowmeters

The polysulphone flow meters.
The polysulphone flow meters.

The flowmeters are made from polysulphone, a heat-resistant thermoplastic material, which has good chemical resistance, Dakota Instruments says.

The flowmeters also feature stable flow indications which help improve accuracy, repeatability of readings and make virtually maintenance-free operation possible. They have easy-to-read silk-screened direct reading dual scales available in overlapping flow ranges for water (GPM/LPM) or air (SCFM/ M3/Hr). An optional integral flow adjustment valve is available for panel-mounted flowmeters.

Dakota Instruments' models are available with 316 SS, PTFE, or PVC Floats (optional Hastelloy C-276 or PVC are also available).

They are suitable for air sampling equipment, water treatment and distribution systems, photo processing equipment, aquaculture, and desalinisation equipment.