Xylem introduces new flowmeters

The Flygt Magflux EMF 801 flowmeter
The Flygt Magflux EMF 801 flowmeter

Water technology specialist, Xylem, has launched two new flowmeters: the MagFlux Quad and the Flygt EMF801 MagFlux Flowmeter.

For any industrial process that handles liquid or gas, measuring flow is important to keep employees and vital equipment safe. The Flygt EMF801 MagFlux is approved by the Water Regulation Advisory Scheme (WRAS) and the Monitoring Certification Scheme (MERTS), and both systems provide accurate flow measurement in pipes and integrate with Flygt’s range of pumps and control devices.

Both flowmeters offer an accuracy of 0.25%, even when measuring slow flow velocity, which can be as low as 0.2m/sec, through to highs of 10m/sec. Minimum pipe diameter for accurate flow on the MagFlux EMF801 is 3 x diameter inlet and 2 x diameter outlet and on the MagFlux Quad only 1 x diameter inlet and 1 x diameter outlet. There is also an in-built data logger, capable of recording 20,000 entries.

The flowmeters come in a range of sizes, from DN20 (3/4”) to DN1200 (48”). Once operating, the Flygt flowmeters are capable of detecting when the pipe is empty and will alert operators and the system has automatic electrode cleaning.