New ranges from Renold Couplings

The new coupling ranges.
The new coupling ranges.

Designed for industrial applications, the Hi-Tec RBI range takes the existing RB offering to the next level, by incorporating a new block profile to increase torque throughput by 50%.

The new Hydrastart range will come complete with Renoldflex, meaning that unlike the current range, it will be ‘drop-in’ so the drive assembly can remain in place, allowing the Hydrastart to be swapped out. With the only bespoke machining being the bores on the end of the couplings, which is not always required, lead times will be greatly reduced and in the majority of cases, the Hydrastart can be dispatched the same day.

Whilst launching the two new ranges Renold Couplings announced a further range, the Hi-Tec UBI.

A low cost rubber in compression coupling range designed for general industrial applications, the Hi-Tec UBI will be available with standard grade rubber, or the option of a silicone alternative for high temperatures. The rubbers can be changed in situ when necessary and no further lubrication or adjustment is required.

The Hi-Tec UBI will be available from Summer 2016.