New “universal” borehole pump

The Zetos is used in water management and industrial applications, as well as for technical building equipment.

“With over 84% hydraulic efficiency, the Wilo-Zetos K8 is the most efficient borehole pump currently on the market in this class,” states Wilo product manager Philipp Maibom. “The Zetos K8's extraordinarily high hydraulic efficiency can be combined with the efficiency of our permanent magnet motor for ‘best in class’ system efficiency.”

In addition to the wide range of parameterisation options of the frequency converter included in the scope of delivery, the PM motor system can be individually adapted to the application at hand using various safety and control functions.

The Wilo-Zetos K8 borehole pump.

Wilo says due to the use of high-quality materials combined with the toughness resulting from the precision casting process and its attractive price, the Zetos K8 is pretty much suitable for universal use when it comes to pumping and transporting drinking water (according to the French water regulations advisory scheme ‘Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire’ (ACS)) or industrial water: “The construction of the hydraulics allows for easy installation and dismantling and, as is the case in all of our borehole pumps, the motor is especially quiet,” says Maibom.

Whether it's for municipal water supply, irrigation, pressure boosting or industrial use – Wilo says the Zetos K8 finds its place in almost any surroundings. “With the Zetos we have developed a borehole pump that combines many applications in one housing – so one pump for everything,” Maibom says.