New variable speed controller from Fluid Metering Inc

Fluid Metering Inc’s (FMI) C100A features both manual speed adjustment using a front panel mounted rotary dial, as well as electronic speed control via a 4-20mA signal from an external source, such as sensor, flow meter, analyzer or process controller. Features of the C100A include IR compensation, current limiting circuit, minimum and maximum speed adjustment, all of which are factory preset to best meet specific application parameters. C100A also incorporates transient voltage protection and an AC fuse. The C100A is ideal for controlling FMI’s patented Chloritrol Valveless Hypochlorite Injection System and FMI’s CTS Chemical Treatment System, both of which provide maintenance-free fluid control in the water and wastewater treatment industries. The C100A is especially well suited for these applications which are typically 24/7/365 operations in remote locations. The C100A will retain settings and resume operation following a power interruption or failure without the need for manual restart by an operator.

The C100A variable speed controller unit is also an economical control for FMI’s QV and RHV Series variable speed process and laboratory pumps. The electronics are housed in a space-saving NEMA 4/12 enclosure suitable for wall mounting.