Space saving variable speed drives from Vacon

With PFC enabled, the Vacon 10 variable speed drive uses its internal PI regulator to control the speed of the first of the three motors to match the demand for pressure, temperature or flow. When the first motor is running at full speed the drive issues a command for the second motor to start. Similarly, when demand exceeds capacity with two motors running, the drive starts the third. The operation of the PFC system can be configured so that the same motor is always the lead, or so that the duties rotate around the motors to help ensure that they receive the same amount of use.

Available with power ratings from 0.25 to 2.2 kW for use with single-phase supplies, and 0.37 to 5.5 kW for use with three-phase supplies, the Vacon 10 drives have been designed to make the best possible use of space within the control panel. They range in size from 66 x 157 x 98 mm to 100 x 262 x 109 mm depending on rating, and are equally suitable for screw fixing or for mounting on DIN rail.

All drives in the range offer PI control as standard and all but the smallest units incorporate an integrated brake chopper. As an option, all versions can be supplied with internally mounted EMC filters that comply with the Category C2 requirements of EN 61800-3. To further enhance their versatility, Vacon 10 drives feature fully programmable I/O, comprising three digital inputs, one analogue input and one relay output for standard models. Versions are also available with six digital inputs, two analogue inputs, one digital output and two relay outputs. An RS485/Modbus interface is a standard feature on all models.