New VSDs from Danfoss meet challenging demands

Exsel Pumps specialises in providing solutions with pumps up to 1200mm (48 inch) discharge for short- and long-term hire to cover breakdowns in a fixed plant, to deal with primarily sewage or flooding emergencies or simply to provide increased pumping capacity while existing facilities are being repaired or upgraded.

The drives from Danfoss are 250 kW units from the newly extended VACON® 100 range are being used in a mobile pump control room constructed within a 10-foot shipping container by Ralspeed, a Danfoss Drives PartnerNET Competence Centre.

Motor control equipment is an essential element for these challenging applications. Exsel Pumps has been sourcing motor control systems from Ralspeed for many years, and is a long-time user of VACON® products from Danfoss Drives. They are typically used in emergency situations so the reliability of the drives is of paramount importance.

The new VACON100 drives are a lot smaller than previous models for a given rating and this is important because, in the mobile control rooms, space is always restricted. They also have built-in chokes, which means there’s no need to buy and mount them as separate components.

Another benefit is the availability of the VACON 100 FLOW version. This is optimised for pump applications, and it has built-in macros that make it really fast and easy to set up, which is vital when trying to get pumps working quickly to deal with an emergency.