Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries’ pump unit acquires actuator IP

The pump unit of Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries’ Clean Energy & Industrial Gases Group (CE&IG) has acquired the intellectual property (IP) to manufacture and assemble electric-mechanical actuators (EMA) and the associated control panels.

The high force EMA coupled to a cryogenic reciprocating pump eliminates the need for a gearbox and crankcase, which provides a compact layout for vertical submerged pump design. The EMA also provides complete control of the reciprocating pump’s piston speed and position, allowing for a wider turndown range, pulsation-free operation for multiple unit arrangements, and enhanced reliability.

CE&IG’s pump unit will manufacture and assemble the EMAs at its Nikkiso ACD factory in Santa Ana, California.

The pump unit’s EMA actuated pumps have been in various phases of testing for the last four years including actual operation in a prototype hydrogen fueling station. The EMA actuated reciprocating pump is currently available for hydrogen applications that require up to 900 Barg discharge pressure. High pressure LNG fuel supply pumps for marine industry applications will be available in the near future.

“This is an exciting next step for our group and a significant benefit for our customers. CE&IG will now be able to manufacture the complete pump assembly (from cryogenic head to the drive unit) and provide our customers with a complete factory supported solution,” said Peter Wagner, CEO of Cryogenic Industries and president of CE&IG.