Norsk Fisketransport partners with PG Flow Solutions on wellboat pumps

NFT’s MS Steigen wellboat (photo credit: NFT).
NFT’s MS Steigen wellboat (photo credit: NFT).

Pump and liquid handling specialist PG Flow Solutions is working with Norsk Fisketransport AS (NFT) to develop a new service programme to further optimise the operational uptime of the shipowner’s vessels.

PG Flow Solutions has assisted NFT to identify flexible pump systems that can be used across the company’s fleet of eight wellboats. As a result, NTF has ordered selected cargo-critical pumps that are prepared for storage and will be available as spare pumps for use on board several of NFT’s wellboats.

PG Flow Solutions is also launching a pilot project for condition monitoring of the pumps. The objective is to identify critical parameters that reduce the risk for unplanned operational downtime.

“If you succeed in enhancing the operation of the on-board pump systems, you can increase the number of hours and days a wellboat is operational each year,” said Marius Martinsen, head of lifecycle services at PG Flow Solutions. “This translates to increased predictability for both the shipowner and the fish farming companies, not to mention financial gain for both parties. It is inspiring to work with players such as NFT who is constantly looking to identify small and large improvements to further enhance operational reliability and ability to deliver.”