On show soon - a range of turbo molecular pumps with integrated drive electronics.

Oerikon Leybold vacuum.
Oerikon Leybold vacuum.

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum  will present a new line of turbo molecular pumps with integrated drive electronics at the 2014 PITTCON conference and expo, in Chicago during March 2-6,

The Turbovac 350-400 i Multi Inlet pumps have been specifically developed to meet the requirements of analytical instrumentation by offering a high degree of flexibility and allowing the customisation of the number, height and position of the vacuum connections.

Additionally, there is the option of adapting the pump housing or customising the pump to your specific vacuum chamber.

“With the best ratio between performance and size in the ISO 100- and 160-range, our new turbo molecular pumps offer an innovative concept,'' said Dr. Martin Füllenbach, about the new line of turbo molecular pumps. ''Rotors and Holweck stages have been optimised. The result is excellent vacuum performance and a previously unattainable pumping speed. This accelerates pumping especially in connection with light gases.

The maintenance and oil-free hybrid bearings with lifetime lubrication excel through extreme reliability and durability making regular maintenance by way of oil changes superfluous. The bearing system ensures low vibration and low noise operation – thereby being less demanding with respect to applications which are sensitive to vibrations. The ceramics ball bearings are replaceable on-site should this be required.