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Pressure sensor for heat pumps

According to the EU directive 842/2006, heat pump applications using fluorinated greenhouse gases must be checked for leakage at least once every 12 months or every six months depending upon the gas quantity they contain. However, this directive does not apply to equipment with hermetically sealed systems. The PT250 from Kavlico does not utilize a gasket, and therefore complies with the directive. By installing a PT250 transmitter in the heat pump system, the end user will not need to monitor leakage rates.Pressure ranges for the PT250 are available from 0-6 through 0-400 bar (0-100 through 0-5,000 PSI). Operating on a supply voltage of 9 to 32Vdc, the transmitters provide a 4-20mA linear analogue output that is proportional to pressure. The operating temperature range is -15° to +85°C, while storage temperature is -40° to +125°C.