Sensata launches new pressure sensor for gas boilers and pumps

Sensata’s Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Sensor.
Sensata’s Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Sensor.

The 116CP Sensor incorporates Sensata’s ceramic capacitive pressure sensing technology, which has a successful track record in automotive and industrial applications. The 116CP builds on this reliability with a new package designed specifically for gas boilers, pumps, and other residential and light commercial applications that require smaller size and lower cost pressure control.

In gas boiler applications, the 116CP sensor monitors pressure in the boiler’s water loop. It gives feedback to the control unit which then issues a warning signal to the user when the pressure reaches too high or too low levels, thus preventing equipment leakage or damage. It can also be used to detect clogging and check pump functionality.  

The sensor has wide application for pumps. It can be mounted onto, or integrated into, a variety of pump types including: booster, pool and garden, circulator, pump controllers and others. The sensor is well-equipped to meet the performance and electrical and mechanical requirements of variable speed pumps, which are starting to be adopted globally for the enhanced energy efficiency they offer compared to fixed speed pumps.

Sensor performance characteristics include 2% accuracy, robust construction to meet pressure ranges from 0-4bar (60psi) up to 0-16bar (225psi), long service life and multiple port and connector options for complete flexibility.