Pump drive module saves energy

In addition ABB says that the module offers a good user interface with a series of assistant wizards, integrated safety functions and modular hardware and software along with a removable memory unit. It also uses a high-performance motor control platform, Direct Torque Control. Targeted specifically at OEMs and system integrators, the ABB industrial drive modules are designed for industrial machinery and applications including pumps in the power range of 1.1-400 kW, with voltages from 380-480 V.

The energy saving calculator indicates the amount of energy consumed and the amount of energy saved in kW hours and money, as well as showing the duration curve showing the load profile of the drive. It also has an automatic energy optimizer. ABB adds that the drive’s internal fan features an automatic on/off control which provides even further energy savings by switching the cooling fan off when the drive is not active. The same on/off control can control the additional fan used to cool the cabinet, saving more energy and reducing control room noise.

The drive also includes an embedded Modbus serial link that can be also configured as a high speed drive-to-drive link for master/follower functionality. In addition to Modbus many of the other most commonly used fieldbuses are supported.