Pump Engineering piston pump designed for high viscosity products

Pump Engineering's CSF piston pump.
Pump Engineering's CSF piston pump.

Transferring high viscosity creams, pastes and gels such as peanut butter, shaving cream, petroleum jelly, yeast extracts and mascara presents challenges across many process applications in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. In many cases operators revert to manual handling solutions due to the limitations of some pumping systems and this can result not only in wastage issues but also those of a health and safety nature.

Liquids handling specialist Pump Engineering offers an effective, practical solution with its CSF piston pump. This is mounted in the centre of a follower plate which fits into a drum and seals against the inside of the drum. Two pneumatic cylinders force the plate onto the top of the product and as the pump empties the drum, the plate is drawn  downwards keeping the inlet of the pump full of the product. A rubber seal on the follower plate effectively wipes the side of the drum as it travels downwards, sealing it and ensuring that very little product is wasted.

The pumps are available as quick-strip versions for easy cleaning without the need for tools.

For lower viscosity liquids, a long version of the pump is available for emptying tanks, drums and IBCs. This features a bag-in-drum inlet which prevents the plastic drum lining used in some industries being drawn into the pump.

CSF piston pumps are air operated and, depending on the model, will deliver flowrates up to 100 litres/minute with pressure ratios up to 20 to 1. Materials of construction are AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel with Viton, nitrile or PTFE seals.