PumpMan NorCal partnership brings smart irrigation technology to California growers

PumpMan NorCal, a provider of onsite maintenance, repair, and replacement for components in water and wastewater pumping systems, is partnering with smart irrigation technology company Lumo to bring efficient water technology to California growers.

A California vineyard.
A California vineyard. - Image © Gary Saxe - Adobe Stock.

Lumo's smart irrigation valve, known as Lumo One, and its proprietary irrigation management software, the Ops Center, allow growers to precisely control and measure how much water is applied to their crops at all times, reducing labor costs, excess water usage and eliminating the irrigation guesswork.

The partnership will make Lumo One available to growers throughout Northern California. PumpMan NorCal will stock, promote, demonstrate, install, and service Lumo One in all irrigation systems in the region.

"We are thrilled to partner with PumpMan NorCal to bring Lumo's irrigation technology to their customers," said Devon Wright, CEO of Lumo. "Our collaboration is more than just a partnership; it's a shared vision for the future of water conservation in agriculture where simplicity, efficiency, and sustainability are readily available to growers wherever water is consumed."

"I was instantly impressed by Lumo's revolutionary technology,” said Jason Smith, general manager of Santa Rosa, California-based PumpMan NorCal. "Great products need great distribution. By combining Lumo's state-of-the-art irrigation solution with PumpMan's extensive service capabilities and distribution network, this partnership establishes a new benchmark in agricultural water management, promising to deliver unmatched value to growers and contributing to a more sustainable environment.”