Q.E.D launches Autopump Ultra 4.5 for landfills

Q.E.D's Autopump Ultra 4.5 has increased clearance between the float and discharge tube, as well as between the float and outer casing. This allows for more high solids and precipitate to be pumped without the pump stalling.

The float has a non-stick finish and a polished discharge tube, which helps to slow buildup. All metal parts are made from 316 stainless steel. In addition, the float ends on the pump are made from engineered plastics for easy cleaning. These plastics cause less friction and wear on the discharge tube.The Autopump Ultra 4.5 with a 4.5 in diameter is larger than previous products which increases the volume pumped per stroke. This size allows the pump to achieve the same flow rates with fewer cycles, reducing wear to components inside the pump and extending its useful life, ultimately reducing maintenance and replacement costs.