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The January/February 2024 issue of World Pumps magazine is now available online, with feature articles on desalination, mine dewatering and concrete pumping.



In the last 60 years desalination has evolved from fledgling science to a viable solution for global water crises. Miriam Balaban, secretary general of the European Desalination Society, has been a driving force for its development throughout. Now 96, she tells World Pumps about the milestones along the way and what continues to motivate her in our interview - Inspirational figure a catalyst for desalination development.

Desalination is rapidly becoming a serious option to provide drinking water to a world struggling to come to terms with climate change and population growth. Floating clean-tech options for fresh water looks at how greener offshore alternatives are set to positively disrupt the market.

Dewatering is crucial during mining operations but pumps can be impacted by the harsh operating conditions and every site has different issues. We examine how these challenges are overcome to achieve maximum efficiency in Bespoke solutions solve mine dewatering challenges.

Before the turn of the century, pumping concrete was straightforward. A test of the mixture and you could look up a good estimate of the required pumping pressure. Advances in powder technology, chemistry and nanotechnology have turned concrete into high-tech stuff, self-consolidating and more flowable. But this has also complicated finding the right pressure. Find the full story in Under pressure.


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