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The November/December 2023 issue of World Pumps magazine is now available online, with four feature articles on energy from waste, sewage, food processing and HVAC.


Energy from waste (EfW) is gaining strength in the UK and elsewhere. In our cover story - The power of waste - we find out how processes could reduce global emissions by processing oil and gas waste.


Sewage pollution is big news in the UK with water companies facing record fines for leaks while the government imposes stringent legislation prompting major investment. We examine the background and what is being done to prevent it in How sewage suddenly became a dirty word.


Pumps play an integral role in food processing and on the surface carry out a simple function. But, as we discover in the article The challenges of safe food production, choosing the right pump for a particular product is critical while cleaning and maintenance play key roles in ensuring hygiene and safety are maintained.


In the Netherlands, Rotterdam’s CoolTower is a 50-story high-rise featuring 282 apartments and luxurious penthouses. What does it take to keep things not too hot, not too cold, but just right inside a building that reaches for the clouds? Find out in Keeping the tower just right.


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