Salgenx integrates heat pumps into RO desalination systems

Sustainable energy solutions company Salgenx is integrating heat pumps into reverse osmosis (RO) desalination systems for enhanced thermal regulation and pressurization.

Salgenx S3000 saltwater flow battery technology.
Salgenx S3000 saltwater flow battery technology.

The development aims to significantly reduce operational costs and energy consumption, offering a more sustainable method of water desalination.

The newly introduced heat pump integration offers dual advantages—thermal regulation and pressurization—addressing the key challenges commonly faced in RO systems. By maintaining optimal temperature and pressure levels, the heat pumps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the RO membranes, leading to increased water production and purity.

The integration of heat pumps into the RO system helps recycle heat within the process, reducing the need for external energy and lowering the carbon footprint. The technology aims to cut down on utility costs and extend the lifespan of vital components like membranes and pumps. The approach is scalable and can be applied to large-scale industrial and municipal desalination projects, where operational efficiency is crucial.


"We are extremely excited about this latest advancement," said Greg Giese, CEO of Salgenx. "Our mission has always been to drive sustainable solutions for energy storage and water desalination. The integration of heat pumps into RO systems brings us one step closer to that goal. Not only does it make desalination more energy-efficient, but it also enhances its synergy with our saltwater flow battery technology, making the entire system more cost-effective."

Salgenx specializes in grid-scale saltwater flow batteries and water desalination technologies. The company’s existing saltwater flow battery technology can seamlessly complement the heat pump-integrated RO systems. The battery achieves simultaneous desalination while charging, providing RO systems with water of lower salinity. This can further extend the life of RO membranes and reduce energy costs for pressurizing water through the system, thereby lowering overall operational costs.

Salgenx is a division of Infinity Turbine LLC.