Sulzer launches next generation pumps for desalination projects

With rising energy costs putting pump efficiency into even sharper focus, Sulzer has expanded its portfolio of pumps for the desalination sector to deliver higher efficiency and lower total costs.

Sulzer's MSN-RO axial split multistage membrane feed pump.
Sulzer's MSN-RO axial split multistage membrane feed pump.

The MSN-RO high pressure pump range combines proven features from existing Sulzer designs with multiple enhancements to optimize both capital and operating costs. Sulzer’s AHLSTAR range of charge pumps has also been extended with increased capacities suitable for modern large-scale desalination projects.

The Sulzer MSN-RO high-efficiency pump is designed for modern, large-scale desalination applications with large, independent RO trains with capacities up to 35,000m3/d. The multistage axial split casing pump is based on existing Sulzer designs that have a proven track record in the sector. Its hydraulic section, lubrication system and balancing devices come from the MBN-RO pump. Its axial split casing, designed to simplify maintenance, is derived from the MSD-RO range.

Sulzer's MSN-RO also incorporates several significant enhancements, designed to improve operating efficiency while reducing capital costs. The diffuser and discharge volute have new high-efficiency designs, optimized through extensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis. The renewable stationary wear parts within the pump are manufactured from polyetheretherketone (PEEK) engineering polymer, with minimal clearances for the highest efficiency.

The Ahlstar RO end-suction pump. - Image: S

AHLSTAR end-suction single-stage centrifugal pumps are already widely used by the desalination industry, both as intermediate pumps for first stage high-pressure feed pumps, and as a primary supply for second pass services. Now Sulzer has extended the AHLSTAR range to higher flow rates and slightly higher heads, to satisfy high efficiency needs along the entire pressure range. These additional sizes are aimed at large modern plants offering cost-effective solutions for a wide range of applications.

Pumps are a critical equipment category for the desalination industry. They make up a significant part of the capital investment of facilities, while the energy they consume accounts for 60–70% of the final cost of the water produced.