Samson valve positioners can withstand challenging duties

This is the case even if an explosive atmosphere forms inside the enclosure and ignites the enclosure; it can withstand the explosion preventing the passage of flames out to the explosive surroundings.

In addition to their durability, Samson's positioners are easy-to-operate with a single rotary pushbutton all that is required for start-up. The shaft design of the rotary pushbutton through the housing is explosion-proof. Also, the design of the enclosure with its separate terminal compartment allows direct cable entry or connection without spark barriers for cableconduit systems.

Regardless of the valves mounting position, data is never displayed upside down because the liquid crystal display can be rotated by 180° at the push of a button.

The analogue control helps the positioner achieve outstanding positioning accuracy which allows thmicroprocessor to concentrate on other tasks.