Seal can improve MTBF

Carlife 99SS is an extension of Carlife 99 and uses the same design concept, which includes springs that are isolated from contaminants, corrosion, and crystallization; built in statically to prevent from falling off, and are not subjected to any effect of centrifugal force or stress. This can help extend Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).

The seal faces are agile and receptive to vibration, or axial and radial movements; which prevent faces from premature failure. The structure has a radial run-out tolerance of ±0.5mm and can counteract shaft displacement, appropriate for large vertical pumps with deviating operation.

During operation, the seal faces are designed to line-on-line, ensuring both faces are precisely in closed contact at all times. Furthermore, the faces have preventive three-body-abrasion ability, which make them ideal for slurry and heavy mineral duties.

 Carlife also has a throw away design concept in its cartridge seal design, whereby the gland is in two sections (inner gland and outer gland), called separable gland. The inner gland contains all the seal components as a cartridge, which can be repaired or replaced easily. Variable types of inner gland assemblies can be installed or mounted to one particular outer gland. Since the outer gland is mounted over the inner gland, a rubber rides on a groove of the inner gland which acts as a stopper to keep the outer gland from falling off. The outer gland can be rotated freely to ease the alignment with respect to mounting studs. While the inner gland is built and conformed to specific material, the outer gland may not since it is not in contact with the process; it can be manufactured with less expensive material.

The Carlife 99SS series of seal faces have a large exposed area, improving the self cooling effect, eliminating the need of flush liquid. The range is conformed to DIN & ANSI, and is applicable to all rotary equipments with standard and big bore dimensions.

The seals can be used in plant FGD hydrodesulphurization, oil-refining, pulp and paper, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, power plant, and water and wastewater treatment.