Schneider Electric introduces latest addition to Avitvar range of variable speed drives

The ATV32 range from Schneider Electric covers asynchronous and synchronous motors from 0.18 kW to 15 kW. A key feature is the slimline book style of models up to 4 kW. Models up to 1.5 kW represent an industry first with a frame width of just 45 mm offering the smallest footprint on the market. At this size, side-by-side mounting can mean a reduction in enclosure size of up to 40% or enable more drives to be fitted into the same space.

Packed into the compact package are 150 application-specific functions, simple programmable control system functions and embedded machine safety features, including safe torque off, safe limited speed and safe stop, which make the ATV32 particularly suitable for all cutting processes plus applications in the wood and metal industries.

Management benefits include Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity through Schneider Electric’s SoMove software suite, enabling remote configuration and control. The ATV32 also has embedded CANopen and Modbus and has the ability to communicate with most industrial networks for complex and automated applications. At the same time its embedded ATV Logic makes it suitable for stand-alone applications.

Paul Pryor, Schneider Electric’s drives product manager, said: “The response to field trials of the ATV32 has been overwhelming with many respondents claiming ‘it represents a real breakthrough’. In terms of book size, safety and modularity, it was seen as a very competitive and impressive product. For many years Schneider Electric has continued to keep pushing the boundaries of what technology is capable of and with the Altivar 32 we know that it will be a real industry driver and represents something very different for the market.”