September’s top pump news stories

The planned retirement of Xylem CEO Patrick Decker, a study showing how pulsating pumping can lead to energy savings and the opening of Wilo’s new climate-neutral plant in China were the most-read news stories on the World Pumps website in September.

Image © DG-Studio - Adobe Stock.

1. Xylem CEO Patrick Decker to retire

Xylem Inc chief executive officer Patrick Decker is to retire at the end of this year. Decker, who has led Xylem for nearly a decade, will be succeeded by chief operating officer Matthew Pine from 1 January 2024.


2. Pulsating pumping can lead to energy savings

Taking inspiration from the human heart, researchers at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) have shown how pulsed pumping can lead to energy savings. In a new study, published in the scientific journal Nature, the scientists showed that pumping liquids through a pipe in pulses – much like the human heart pumps blood – can reduce the friction in the pipe and therefore also the energy consumed.


3. Wilo inaugurates new climate-neutral plant in China

Wilo has opened a new high-tech production facility in Changzhou, China that will manufacture around 3 million high-efficiency pumps and 3.5 million electric motors per year. Wilo Changzhou Park includes a factory and office building as well as research and development facilities on an 84 hectare site.