Singer Valve launches MetroH2O online educational tool for control valve users

The MetroH2O start page.
The MetroH2O start page.

Control valves for the most part have standard common features that MetroH2O shows in operation through animation.

MetroH2O is a free resource available at or can be downloaded by request for stand-alone situations where Internet connectivity is not readily available.

When a user accesses the Singer Valve website, MetroH2O is at the forefront showcasing 11 different valves that are commonly found in city waterworks. By clicking on a valve, the user can see where the valve fits in the system and a further detailed animation of how it operates with pressure fluctuations, flow changes, level variations and pump and surge control. There are also specification sheets and operating guides for users that need to design, maintain or operate the valve.

As an online tool, MetroH2O is scalable and will continue to evolve with more interactive features and additional equipment that can found in a water distribution system. 

“We have had a great response from customers who are using MetroH2O as a training refresher for their operators," says Mark Gimson, Marketing & Business Development Manager for Singer Valve. "We are hoping to also get an engineering post-secondary institution on board, to give students a more in depth understanding of control valves.”