Singer Valve adds function to Pneumatic Dynamic Lifter valve

The Pneumatic Dynamic Lifter from Singer Valve is a very responsive compact sewage relief valve that can handle high pressures and uses a compressed air cylinder to hold the valve closed. The chamber is fitted with a relief pilot that is normally closed as long as the line pressure is lower than the set point. If pressure rises above the set point, the relief pilot opens, causing the air in the cylinder to vent, which in turn opens the valve. The valve closes drip tight when pressure falls below the set point.

The Surge Anticipator has two 3-way solenoid valves to put air into the cylinder under the piston, driving the valve open on power failure. This way when the surge returns back to the pump it is not coming back to a closed system where it can cause damage; it comes back to an open valve where it can be discharged safely back to the sump in the vicinity of the pump. The main valve needs to be open long enough to handle the initial surge, but not longer, otherwise it will continue to drain the line. To prevent this, the solenoid is on a timer, which the field crew set at start up. Once the timer has elapsed then another solenoid allows air to re-charge the cylinder, thus closing the main valve.

The Dynamic Lifter has been designed to minimize maintenance and keep costs low. The piston and closing speed controls operate separate from the sewage, in a clean non-contaminating environment. Where conventional spring operated valves allow build-up of waste-water residue (dry pack) on the valve’s downstream and exhaust pipe to sump, the Dynamic Lifter can easily be opened through the actuator to flush out these unwanted build-ups. By using premium materials such as heat fused heavy epoxy coating inside and out of the main valve and with 316 stainless steel seat and stem, mineral and debris build-up is kept to a minimum.