Skid system from Severn Trent maintains constant water pressure

The design of the autonomous duty/standby booster pump from Severn Trent Services enables it to maintain constant water pressure under varying flow demand requirements when used in ClorTec® on-site sodium hypochlorite generating systems.

Low inlet water pressure, pressure losses through a distribution system or high flow demand can contribute to insufficient water pressure at the inlet of on-site sodium hypochlorite generators. These conditions may cause the brine solution to be dosed inaccurately or reduce pressure to levels that are too low to feed the on-site generator. The autonomous duty/standby booster pump skid system with PID pressure control is user-friendly, compact and can save energy. It is not necessary to adjust on-site generating systems depending on production demand and the system can be run at full potential (all duty) even under unfavourable pressure conditions. The booster pump skid will automatically adjust itself to accommodate different flow requirements whether the system runs one on-site generator or a number of on-site generators at once.

The new booster pump skid system from Severn Trent Services is available in the North American, South American, Middle Eastern, African and Asia Pacific markets. The pump will not be sold in the European market.