SLOW series pumps for fire-fighting applications

Shanghai Liancheng (Group) Co. Ltd.’s multi-operations cover the research and production of pump, valve and fluid transportation systems; electronic control systems and environmental protection equipment.

The group produces the SLOW series pumps, and has been involved in a number of petrochemical projects in Saudi Arabia. The accreditation ‘made in China’ is not recognized by everyone, instead relying on UL certification, however one project from Shanghai Liancheng has received a high degree of recognition in fire-fighting applications.

The SLOW series centrifugal pump from Shanghai Liancheng.

The SLOW series pumps are single-stage double suction split volute casing centrifugal pumps. Alongside fire-fighting systems, the pumps are used for liquid transportation for water works, air-conditioning circulation, building, irrigation, drainage pump stations, electric power stations, industrial water supply systems, shipbuilding and many more applications.

Shanghai Liancheng also produces the S series water transport and industrial pumps.