Small diaphragm pump for hazardous areas

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The new ADI Dia-Vac pump offers flows up to21 SLPM in a single head or 36 SLPM with a dual head option and can reach an ultimate vacuum of 26 InHg and maximum pressure up to 30 PSIG.The ADI Dia-Vac pump can be installed in any position as long as it is properly supported and is available with an elevated head option for installation into a heated enclosure. This elevated head configuration on the ADI Dia-Vac pump allows for the motor to be at ambient temperature, while the head maintains the temperature above the dew point of the sample gas, preventing condensation from a cold spot in the head chamber. The Dia-Vac can be used in sample temperatures up to 200°C.The ADI Dia-Vac gas pump is also available in corrosion resistant materials such as Teflon, aluminium and hastelloy.