Solar powered chemical dosing pump

Vanton's solar powered chemical dosing system.
Vanton's solar powered chemical dosing system.

The Flex-I-Liner model 12 pump utilises a rotor mounted on an eccentric shaft to push fluid trapped between a flexible elastomer liner and a solid plastic body block. The self-priming design has no seals to leak or valves to clog and can run dry without damage.

The body block is moulded of solid polypropylene, UHMW polyethylene or PTFE, and the liner is made of of natural rubber, neoprene, Hypalon, Viton or Nordel, which helps eliminate the corrosion associated with pumps constructed of stainless steel and high alloys, and wicking and delamination associated with fibreglass and plastic-lined metals.

The pump is suitable for flows to 7.6 lpm and pressures to 1.72 bar at temperatures to 85°C. It can meter a fixed volume of liquid over user-programmed time intervals. A throttling valve on the suction line to the pump allows flow rate adjustment.

There is a 0.04 kw photo-voltaic solar panel which charges a 12 VDC deep cell battery that can power the pump's 0.12 kw DC motor on a single charge for three hours continuously, or cumulatively over several days of intermittent operation during which the pump is started and stopped manually, or automatically according to user-programmed dosing schedules.

An optional manifold with nozzles is available to spray treatment chemicals such as alum, ferric chloride, hydrofluosilicic acid, polymer, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite or sulphuric acid over a desired area for control of odour, insects or algae in water treatment facilities, recreational areas, farms, deserts and other remote sites.

The self-contained system measures 813 mm x 610 mm x 381 mm, weighs 102 kg and is available mounted on castors. Other Solar Powered Feeding Systems equipped with larger Flex-I-Liner pumps and larger solar panels handle flows to 38 lpm.