Southern Water flood protection scheme for Folkestone’s historic homes

Homes in Clifton Crescent which are liable to sewer flooding, will be protected with the installation of a 800,000 litre storm water tank and a pumping station, channelling 33 litres of wastewater per second, at the Leas in Folkestone. The new storm tank, provided by Southern Water, will increase the capacity of the sewer network so it can store excess water until it can be pumped on to Southern Water’s treatment works at Broomfield Bank, near Dover.  

Gary Sayers, Southern Water’s senior contract engineer said: “We are pleased to bring these improvements to Folkestone to help protect homes along the cliff top from flooding in wet weather. The location of this vital work has attracted a great deal of interest from residents but, when the scheme is finished, the cliff tops will be restored to their former glory and no-one will be aware of the flood protection operating underground.” 

Southern Water’s suppliers 4Delivery (4D) are carrying out the improvement work which began in September 2009 and is due to be completed by March 2010.