Spirax Sarco wins 2009 IChemE Innovation and Excellence Award in Energy

FREME creates a completely sealed steam system and transfers the heat from the flash steam and recovered condensate into the high pressure side of the boiler feed pumps. Feedtank temperatures can exceed 100°C without causing pump cavitation, ensuring that virtually all returned energy is used by the system. Heat and water previously discarded can be recycled, reducing energy and water treatment costs and CO2 emissions. 

Marcus Bellot, marketing and development manager of Spirax Sarco said: “We are absolutely delighted to have won this prestigious award. We are committed to producing innovative energy saving solutions and services that can improve the efficiency of any steam system.  

“With the right controls and engineered systems, like FREME, steam will continue to meet environmental challenges and cement its position as the leading industrial heating medium for the foreseeable future. We estimate that in the UK, FREME has saved over 10,000 tonnes of CO². We believe this will significantly increase as the technology becomes accepted as the best practice across all industries.” 

Dr David Brown, IChemE chief executive officer said: “We received a record number of award entries this year from over 20 countries. Winning an IChemE Award is an outstanding achievement and I congratulate the Spirax Sarco team on their success.” 

Achieving energy savings of up to 26%, the FREME engineered system can be used across the majority of industries, including brewing & distilling, food & beverage, hospitals & healthcare and oil & petrochemical.