SPP Pumps to undertake energy assessment at Belfast pumping station

The project will involve a full pump system assessment of four 36” Weir Harland MSz vertical turbine pumps, each producing 2273 litres/second at 7.6m.

This is SPP’s first order from Northern Ireland agent P A Quinn Energy and Graham Construction for Northern Ireland Water.

SPP Energy, which specialises in energy saving services to pumping systems, will be working in partnership with its Belfast Service Centre during the assessment. The project will provide Northern Ireland Water with essential energy consumption and flow profile information, for future development of its flood defence system and water discharge control.

Chris Rose, business manager at SPP Energy, said: “Within industry in the UK, there are over 11 million motors with a total capacity of around 90GW. However for every 100KW generated for a pumping system, around 90.5% is lost through inefficiency. A system assessment like the one we’re conducting for Northern Ireland Water can identify potential savings to companies, where it really matters to them – on their bottom line.”