SPX Flow solutions increase efficiency of building systems

The Tigerloop Combi 3 from SPX Flow.
The Tigerloop Combi 3 from SPX Flow.

Products include a range of centrifugal pumps, oil/fuel de-aerators and draft stabilisers that are said to optimise heating system efficiency, and NoTap plumbing solutions that are claimed to reduce the time taken for work on pressurised pipes.

  • Tigerloop® oil and biofuel de-aerators help optimise fuel combustion properties by removing air bubbles.  
  • Tigex® draught stabilisers help to secure optimum combustion in heating systems by ensuring a constant draught in chimney stacks.  
  • Tigerholm NoTap® plumbing products can be used on hot water, tap water, compressed air and refrigerant pipes. They enable easy and rapid maintenance of pressurised lines without the need to drain systems.  
  • The Johnson Pump Combi-system pump range provides modular solutions using common components shared across different models.   
  • CombiBloc close-coupled and CombiNorm EN733 centrifugal pumps are said to be ideal for cost-effective pumping of low viscosity fluids.  
  • The CombiTherm pump is said to provide safe, efficient boiler heat transfer.