Tool helps reduce energy through analysis

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The PEO tool is part of the company’s EcoStruxure range of energy management for industrial facilities that use intelligent monitoring to control automation and power management products. 

"Before companies can sustainably reduce energy consumption, they need a deeper understanding of how energy is used and the ability to identify the drivers and root causes of increased energy consumption,” said Andrew Gravitt, Senior Vice President, Industry Business, Schneider Electric. “PEO offers this understanding by providing timely access to accurate energy information, as well the operational context of how that energy was used.”

The tool allows operators to track and monitor performance, capture excessive consumption for analysis and continuous improvement and improve production energy forecasting. By using propriety software, PEO can provide a comprehensive view of production energy intensity for an industrial facility. It incorporates all forms of energy consumption into a single value for reporting and analysis, making it possible to build an energy consumption model, determine how much consumption is required per unit of production and adjust processes to reduce it.

 The PEO solution is suitable for energy intensive processes including as grinding, crushing, milling, and heating & cooling, in the mining and metals processing and glass fabrication industries.