Tsurumi launches YouTube channel

The channel features videos mixing animations with live-action footage of Tsurumi’s products in working condition. The aim is to educate those uncertain about what different pumps can do, while more experienced pump users will benefit from seeing different applications and equipment. “Not everyone knows what certain types of pumps can do or which pump will best suit their needs,” says Takanori Yoshida, who manages the YouTube channel at Tsurumi. “Our videos provide simple explanations and live demonstrations so that people can make a more educated decision.” The current video selection includes:

  • Cutter pump: a pump fitted with a cutter that shreds foreign materials ensuring no blockages. The video includes live demonstrations of the pump destroying a wide range of debris (aluminium can, plastic bag, clothing, etc).
  • Submersible aerator: an alternative to blowers and diffusers, to help avoid regular repair or replacement caused by blockages.
  • Scum skimmer: a floated pump that removes scum and liquids floating on the surface.
  • Decanter pump: a floated pump for wastewater plants that removes treated water below surface scum but above the sediment.
  • Unique oil lifter: a patented device positioned within Tsurumi pumps to protect the double mechanical seal inside the oil bath.

Tsurumi will regularly update the channel with new videos.