TTP Group spin-out to commercialise micropump technology

TTP Ventus will commercialise the Disc Pump.
TTP Ventus will commercialise the Disc Pump.

UK-based TTP Ventus will focus on the development, licencing and manufacture of the Disc Pump platform.

The technology was initially developed to address a need in the micro fuel cell market, and now has applications across sectors including medical devices, healthcare, and scientific research.

The Disc Pump has been designed to enable silent operation combined with exceptional pressure and flow. The second generation of Disc Pump delivers twice the flow rate for the same input power, doubling the efficiency of earlier designs. It maintains the technology’s silence, controllability and size, and incorporates an improved electrical connection.

James McCrone, managing director, TTP Ventus, said: “Disc Pump offers a unique combination of silent operation, ultra-smooth flow, instantaneous response, compact form-factor, and high performance. Our mission to work with entrepreneurial partners, both large and small, is to bring disruptive new products to market. We share TTP’s culture of technical excellence, innovation, and customer focus and are able to draw upon its 250 world-class scientists and engineers to accelerate the integration and development of our partners’ products.”

Earlier this month, TTP Ventus showcased its Disc Pump at the 32nd Annual MD&M West Conference in California, USA.