Upgraded range includes new coupling system

Caprari has extended its MEC-MG flanged pumps series for the wear modern diesel engines are placing on pump components.

The engineering team at the Italian company has used pioneering design solutions for the range to achieve maximum reliability and long life, which has developed into the MEC-MG HT - HI TORQUE collection, which has with optimised resistance to mechanical stress.

Now its MEC-MG range has been extended to include the new MEC-MG125 HT - HI TORQUE size. Its innovations include: new coupling system for the impellers with precision spline profile, which has a Caprari International Patent, and an optimal load distribution on shaft and hub.

In addition, the drive coupling key can be eliminated with the use of a shrink disc with tapered clamping bush (keyless), and Caprari suggests this allows for a total elimination of stress concentration on the shaft.

Other benefits are the elimination of the circlip housing behind the bearing, and therefore the elimination of the typical stress concentration; stainless steel shaft with high yield point and excellent fatigue strength, and permanently lubricated bearings with replenishable grease for reliability and safety.

The company has stated that there is also a high-performance mechanical seal available on request.