VACON 100 FLOW range

The new Vacon 100 FLOW range is optimised for efficient flow control with pumps and fans, ac variable speed drives. The range has dedicated application menus for water and other pump and fan segment applications, economy with integrated two-zone PID control, and multimotor control facilities provided as standard.

Available with power ratings from 0.55 kW to 160 kW, Vacon claim that its new flow drives allow substantial energy savings to be achieved compared with the use of fixed-speed drives.

The Vacon 100 Flow drive range is based on the technology used in Vacon’s Vacon 100 family of multipurpose ac drives and provides a range of features. These include dual-zone PID control, which allows two process parameters to be controlled simultaneously; integrated frost protection; start and sleep boosting; soft pipe filling, which runs pumps at low speed until the pipe are filled; and an anti-ragging function that detects when a pump is blocked and initiates a user-defined cleaning sequence.

Vacon 100 FLOW drives also incorporate a real-time clock that allows pump duties to be rotated at preset times to equalise wear. The clock can also be used for other forms of scheduling and to generate time-stamped diagnostic information. In addition, the drives have a run-to-destruction fire mode, making them ideally suited for use in sprinkler and emergency ventilation systems.