Verder range at Chemtech World expo

Verderflex Dura 45 hose pump -the new Dura 45. The company claims that this pump “defines the benchmark for the next generation of medium flow, industrial hose pumps”. Verderflex states that the pump has 25% more flow per revolution in a more compact package than its competitors, as it enjoys the benefit of stalled rotor protection and a patented easy change hose connection.

Verderflex Rapide industrial tube pumps. Aimed at low pressure industrial process pumping , the pumps are used with inverters and interfaced with external control systems. The pumps are fitted with an industrial gearbox and an easy access tube pump head.

Verderflex Scientific and Smart cased drive dispensing tube pumps. The Scientific and Smart ranges provide a group of standalone low pressure dosing and dispensing solutions. With easy access heads these tube pumps can be controlled by external devices for metering duties or can be programmed to dispense measured doses of liquids.

Verderflex OEM Pump head range. A range of OEM pump heads, where model can use several tube materials and can be AC or DC powered to solve a wide flow rate range of pumping problems.

Verderair double diaphragm pumps deliver a flow up to 1200 l/min and have a max. pressure of 16 bar. The pumps are executed with a non-stalling air valve which is non-icing.

Verderair Pure double diaphragm pumps. The new Verderair Pure solid machined diaphragm pumps (pure PE and PTFE) are aimed at high end applications. Conductive PE and PTFE are available for ATEX environments and as accessories such as pulsation dampeners, barrier systems and more.