Video: Little Giant pumps aid turtle conservation efforts

Video: Little Giant Pumps Helping Prevent Turtle Extinction. 

The TSA is a Texas-headquartered non-profit organisation focused on achieving zero turtle extinctions.

"Turtles are the most endangered group of vertebrates on the planet, with many of them facing imminent extinction," explains Nathan Haislip, Facilities Manager and Lead Keeper at TSA. "The Turtle Survival Alliance was founded in 2001 in response to what was called the Asian Turtle Crisis. It still continues today with thousands of animals being harvested from the wild for the pet trade, the food industry, and traditional Chinese medicine."

"We're focused on creating assurance colonies of some of the most endangered turtles on the planet with the hopes of being able to reintroduce their offspring back into the wild in the future," he continues.

Franklin Electric donated 13 Little Giant pumps to TSA to help create more stress-free environments – including naturalistic pond enclosures and waterfalls – that simulate the original habitat of the turtles. 

TSA says one of the most important features of the pumps is their energy efficiency, which translates to reducing the organisation's carbon footprint. They are also oil-free, which is safe for the environment and safe for the turtles.