Vogelsang creates new pump seal supply unit to lower operating costs

Vogelsang has launched a new pump seal supply unit which is designed to cut operating costs.

The Automatic Supply Unit (ASU) has been specially developed by Vogelsang’s engineering team in Germany to keep mechanical seals in rotary lobe pumps running for longer and increasing the service life by 1.5 times, reducing the frequency of changing the seals by as much as 33%.

While conventional supply systems are essential to keep the lubricant in a mechanical seal at a constant level and maintain the pressure in its buffer chamber, they can consist of a large number of parts which require additional installation space. Vogelsang’s new ASU is much smaller than previous designs, requiring much less installation space.

“Pumps obviously play a vital role in so many industries, and plant operators will know how frustrating downtime is when pumps need repairs or maintenance work,” said Jonathan Gutteridge, managing director of Vogelsang Ltd. “Our team has created this new unit to significantly lower pump operating costs by extending the life of the mechanical seals, reducing the amount of new seals needed and subsequently less stoppage for maintenance work. Its small dimensions mean our rotary lobe pumps can be installed in the smallest spaces.”


The patented system, which is a similar size to a drinks can, consists of a reciprocating piston pump which pumps the buffer medium into the chamber with every revolution. In this way, the chamber pressure is kept constant at either 2.0 or 4.3 bar.