Vogelsang‘s new progressive cavity pump for the biogas market

Vogelsang will launch the HiCone, a new energy-efficient progressive cavity pump for use in biogas plants, at the World Biogas Expo in Birmingham, UK from 29–30 March.

Developed to save energy during its use and significantly extend its service life, the HiCone pump features a conical form combined with an innovative setting not used before.

“With the HiCone, we are once again setting standards for progressive cavity pumps,” said Jonathan Gutteridge, managing director for Vogelsang UK. “We have met the demands of our customers for reduced life-costs and longer service times with the further development of our technology. We are pleased to be launching it at this year’s World Biogas Expo and expect a lot of interest.”

The main benefits of the HiCone are a lower electricity requirement and an automatic start-up, and its ability to readjust reducing the need for replacement parts.

“Another advantage for users is that they can view the status of the pumping elements in a real-time display. Instead of being surprised by a sudden failure, they can receive continuous information and plan for parts in advance,” added Gutteridge.

“Our customers need technology that is long-lasting and can be flexibly adapted to differing pumping tasks and operating parameters. The HiCone gives them a highly efficient pump, which can be individually adjusted and readjusted.”

Vogelsang will be demonstrating a model of the new HiCone pump on stand D301 at the World Biogas Expo in Birmingham, UK from 29–30 March.