WEG announces SM40 series of synchronous motors

The SM40 motor has a robust rotor construction with high mechanical strength and stability, and has been designed to eliminate the risk of detachment of individual pole shoes or pole mounting screws. The stator consists of high-quality, low-loss silicon steel laminations and top-grade bobbin windings insulated using a special vacuum/pressure impregnation (VPI) process while an optimised thermal design ensures uniform temperature distribution along the stator, prolonging the service life of the winding insulation.

The motors have a high starting torque and low starting current enabling users to achieve significant energy savings, which is particularly important in energy-intensive applications. The low starting current also minimises the impact of the motor on the power supply network and means starting aids such as starting chokes, autotransformers or variable speed drives become unnecessary, thus bringing costs down further.

“WEG is committed to helping business worldwide save energy and maintenance costs thus reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO),” says Marek Lukaszczyk, European & Middle East Marketing Manager at WEG. “Our new SM40 motors are exceptionally sturdy and highly efficient and are designed to help increase productivity which bringing maintenance and energy costs down.”