WEG introduces IE3-compliant motor switching and protection solutions

As a result of using the new switchgear, users can be confident their drive system provides the highest levels of energy efficiency over a long service life, enabling them to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) while complying with current environmental regulations.

“Although using premium efficiency motors is now mandatory, the choice of low-voltage switchgear, such as motor protection circuit breakers, is still left to the user. To ensure reliable equipment operation despite higher inrush and starting currents typically found in IE3 motors, users should always consider IE3 compatibility when selecting low-voltage switchgear,” says Zoltan Schaaf, Manager Low Voltage Switchgear at WEG in Germany.

“As a leading manufacturer of premium (IE3) and super-premium (IE4) electric motors, WEG has developed extensive expertise in IE3 equipment conformity and all of WEG's current switchgear and protection devices can be used without restriction to ensure the reliable operation of IE3 motors.”